Types of binoculars

Types of binoculars

Types of binoculars for astronomy

Here I leave you with this classification of type of binoculars for astronomy.

I have chosen to classify them according to the most widely used within all the diversity there is,

In my article on type of binoculars you spoke of a first rank among the porro and ceiling. But here I do not speak of that classification.


Because, as in that same post I tell you, for astronomy (except some honourable exception) always I recommend you to use a few binoculars porro to make astronomy.

And, is that the prisms Porro are preferable because the eyepieces are close together in comparison with the objective lenses, which are further apart.

This means that by using prisms, binoculars can provide you with a greater increase without increasing the size of the binoculars, and while keeping the weight low.

From this base, I have selected these types based on magnification and brightness suitable for enjoy our hobby by looking at the stars and the stars.

Thus, the type that I selected and I'm going to develop in this blog are:

Take a look at this selection that I have chosen to do astronomy with binoculars:
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But... What kind of binoculars, it is better to do astronomy?

I hope that in types of binoculars for astronomy I show you a little more arribas find what you need.

But I don't want you to stay in a sea of doubts.

Before you think, to make a good decision, that the ideal thing is to have several types of binoculars for various uses but that is not necessary to buy them all at once.

My recommendation is to start with a kind of binocular intermediate in terms of increases because they are more versatile and, as you progress in your knowledge and in your observation of the stars, you'll be able to go to by acquiring a few more specific to see the best that you want in the night sky.

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